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Working Group

Local Area W/G

  • Seoul W/G:
    contact: Hwan Lim, Korea Institute of Science and Technology

  • Pusan W/G:
    contact: Hwansup Lim, Pusan Foreign Language Univ.

  • Taegu W/G:
    contact: Miryong Park, Kyongpook National Univ.

  • Taejon W/G:
    contact: Kangchan Lee, Chungnam National Univ.

Interest Working Group

  • Intranet W/G :
    contact: Jonghong Jeon, KIS

  • WWW Security and Payment W/G :
    contact: Douglus Guen, INITECH

  • Our land, Tokto
    contact: Aesil Jeon, Sookmyong Women's Univ.

  • Korean FYI Project W/G (in process)
    contact: Kyoyeon Kim, Nara Vision

  • Web Service Policy W/G (in process)
    contact: Seokchan Yun, Handong University

  • XML Working Group
    contact: Kangchan Lee, Chungnam Nat'l Univ

  • Mozilla Korean Project
    contact: Seokchan Yun, Handong University
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