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RFC: Spiritual Notice

The World Wide Web Korea is non-commercial organization made by internet users for sharing and distributing technical informations via internet communication, and initializing of desirable internet culture in Korea.

For these purpose, it suggests the basic principle and spirtual notice for the group operation. This article is RFC(Request For Comments).

1.Personal - Authority

In the world of Netizens, there are not effective authorizing elements of the real world, for example age, position, degree, organization etc. All participators in the Net are admitted as "Personal" authority. It must be based on "Consensus" and is admitted by "Honor".

2.Voluntary - Motivation

Anyone don't force others and isn't forced by others. He/She acts by self-control based on valuntary motivation. The "Voluntary" means a netizen can do things that are important. The meaning of "self-control" is as following item three.

In the industial society, an private person was treated as like one of mechanical elements. But, an indivisual spontaneously decide to join them by his role in the society and organization. isn't enforced, and can do his favors in cyber world.

3.Self-control - Acticity

In the Net, all netizen can act with self-regulation by his spontaneous motivation. For example, anyone can make the homepage for his liberal expression, join to the mailinglist, and other internet communities. It's based on his faith and conscience, its result belong to him

4. Horizontal - Organization

All meeting and working group organized by spontaneous motivation are horizontally related, those are a basic element of WWW-KR because of realizing this spirit. The vertical organization have needless decisional stages, make a group bureaucratic system and result in enforcement, hetronomy with power-directional system.

So all group of WWW-KR have equal rights and privileges regardless to an academic level, social reputation, and scale. It must be spontaneously operated and express them in child groups made by these spirits.

5.Consensus - Decision

Nevertheless, an internet world needs to make an organization and decision because it's a society of netizens. The principle of making a decision is "Consensus". No one make one-sided decision and it's possible when some issue get a consensus of other netizens.

The consensus is the public opinion, reflects a majority and ultimately to be passed by a unanimous vote that respects a minority. Any decisions without the consensus require enforcements. It's opposite to WWW-KR spirits.

6. Compensation - Honor

As anyone works things that decided by a consensus, an individual get a pleasure and honor admitted by others with the consensus. The personal authority is formed by the honor. A compensation of WWW-KR activities is not a money, position and power but honor. This honor get a result of activities, is not a reputation, popularity of one person.

Appendix 1: Priority

The Spirit is prior to the Purpose
The Spirit is prior to the Organization.
The Spirit is prior to the Authority.

Appendix 2: Original- Korean version

Appendix 3: WWW-KR Brief history

Appendix 4: Author

Mr. Douglas Guen (dgguen@initech.com) have managed this article, you can comment him about it. And some people help to make this, Chang-jae Lee, Qkim, Kangchan Lee, Hwan Lim, Jonghong Jeon. Also, this english version is made by Seokchan Yun.
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