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Mozilla KR project

Welcome to the Mozilla[KR] 5.0 project page. The name of "Mozilla" is, besides the name of a green lizarz, (Netscape's mascot), the name for which the new Internet browser - built from the code released for their upcoming Communicator 5.0 - is known .

On March 31st of 1998, Netscape released to the world the source code of their flagship product, Netscape Communicator. Since then (and at the time of writing this it's been only a few days since that happened), hundreds of people have started to improve the broswer's features, making it a fundamental and necessary piece of software for the changing world of Internet. Mozilla Project was established to support this idea.

About Project

Mozilla Korean/Hangul is a project that makes Mozilla version to contain over 30,000 words to be translated in Korean. The Daou Tech. Inc, Netscape's partner of Korea, initialized Netscape Communicator Korean 4.03. But, no longer they follow up the latest version. The Mozilla Korean Project are based on Mozilla localization project of Mozilla I18N.

Also the texts change from one version to another, new terminology keeps popping up, the current terminology is confusing, etc. Our goal is to make sure that one can always find the latest Korean version of the most configurable browser in the world. Find out here general information about the project.


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